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New Funcs - Every Year - For LIFE! (Upgrade Only)

New Funcs - Every Year - For LIFE! (Upgrade Only)

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We'll answer ALL your questions in the FAQs below, but here's the gist...

As a current Func customer, you're already a fan of our shoes. 

For $299.99 we'll send you NEW FUNCS - EVERY YEAR - FOR LIFE!

This takes the $59.99 you already spent on your first pair off the total, and locks down a shipment of new Funcs every year at no additional cost to you...ever!


Why are you doing this?

Starting a shoe company takes lots of up-front capital, and we believe you should get rewarded for being a long-term believer in our brand.

This offer will allow us buy enough materials to create our shoes in larger quantities at a lower cost.

This cost savings helps us be more profitable, which means we can afford to send you new shoes...for life!

How often can I get new shoes?

You can get new shoes as often as once per year.

We'll email you instructions to redeem your yearly shipment 1 year from the date of your first order. 

You'll update your contact info, and order a new pair of Funcs at no additional charge!

What if Func goes out of business someday?

If we go out of business you won't get any more new shoes.

HOWEVER! We're not planning on going anywhere, and this could be a great story to tell over every pair of new shoes we send you.

What if Func decides this was a bad idea?

We reserve the right to buy-back your "New Funcs - Every Year - For LIFE!" order at any time by issuing a full refund.

Example: If you pay $299.99 now and get new Funcs every year for 7 years...We can change our mind 7 years from now and issue a full refund in the amount of $299.99. (you get to keep the shoes)

We're telling you this upfront so you can't get mad at us or send a pack of angry lawyers after us...Cool? Cool.

What if I'm 20 years old and I live to be 100? Will you really send me 80 pairs of shoes?

We're not great at math but we just checked with our accountant and she says that's right.

I guess this is like a retirement fund for your feet or something?


As long as you keep redeeming your shoes, we'll keep sending you shoes every year until you croak.

What if I order for my kid who is still growing?  Do I have to get the same size every year?

No.  We're simply committing to send you 1 pair of Funcs every year for life.  You can change your size, and/or style anytime you'd like.

I'm definitely going to buy this. How do I order?

That's what everyone says inside their own head when they read this.

We're so glad you're interested!

Here's how to order...

Step 1.

Order this upgrade by adding it to your cart, and following your nose.

Step 2.  

Watch your email for instructions on redeeming your new shoes every year!

Step 3.

High-five someone next to you.  You're getting New Funcs - Every Year - For LIFE!


Feel free to email us at or call us at...


A real human will get in touch with you ASAP!

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