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Custom Funcs (Ships 6/15)

Custom Funcs (Ships 6/15)

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IMPORTANT SIZING NOTE:  Our sizes run on the snug side of true.  Example:  if you ALWAYS wear a size 10.  Order a size 10.  If you wear a 10 or 10.5...Order a 10.5.

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Important: We recommend adding 10-15mm to your foot measurement when picking a size.  Example:  If your foot measures 280mm you'd order a Men's 11.

What are Funcs?

Funcs are barefoot-style (minimalist) shoes with a classic sneaker look. They allow your feet to move in a more natural way while still giving you some protection from the terrain. Click Here For More Pictures > >

Exercise, work, or run around town in these SUPER versatile shoes that look great everywhere!

What makes Funcs special?

Zero degree drop -   These shoes are totally flat, so you won't walk around looking like you have a giant pillow strapped to your heel.

5mm - 8mm thickness -  Our removable 3mm insole lets you adjust your shoe's thickness.  Get enough feedback from the ground to feel connected, but not so much that you mutter curse words when you step on a rock.

Wider than the average running shoe - Your foot has more room to splay and move instead of being packed into your shoe tighter than two coats of paint.

Stretchy laces (optional) - The average human spends 973 hours of their life tying their shoes.  Choose stretchy laces to get all that time back & be the first one to get your shoes back on at the airport!

Attractive shape - Most minimalist footwear is SUPER ugly!  If you're tired of explaining your weird looking toe-shoes to strangers at the grocery store, it's time to design a pair of Funcs!

What are Funcs made out of?
Funcs have a rubber sole, and a Faux Leather & Rip-Stop Nylon upper.

Let's Do This!

Just scroll on up to the top of this page, and start clicking thumbnails until your barefoot shoes are just your style!

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